How Do You Spell DTS-HD?

DTS-HD is an audio codec that is used for high-definition media. The spelling of this word follows the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) system, which uses symbols to represent sounds. "DTS" is spelled as /di ti ɛs/, with the stress on the second syllable. "HD" is spelled as /eɪt diː/, with the stress on the first syllable. The combination of these sounds results in the pronunciation of /di ti ɛs eɪt diː/, or "dee-tee-ess-ay-tee-dee." DTS-HD provides a more immersive audio experience in movies and music, delivering superior sound quality compared to traditional audio formats.

Common Misspellings for DTS-HD

  • dts--hd
  • dts-hhd
  • dts-hdd
  • dTS-HD
  • tTS-HD
  • lTS-HD
  • DpS-HD
  • DvS-HD
  • DuS-HD
  • DTc-HD
  • DTq-HD
  • DTSmHD
  • DTS-xD
  • DTS-lD
  • DTS-iD
  • DTS-Ht
  • DTS-Hl
  • d ts-hd
  • dt s-hd
  • dts-h d

7 words made out of letters DTS-HD

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