How Do You Spell DUCED?

The word "duced" is spelled with the phonetic transcription /djuːst/. The first two letters "d" and "u" represent the sound "dju," which indicates that the word is pronounced with a "j" sound. The following letter "c" produces the "s" sound, and the last letter "e" is a silent letter added to indicate that the previous "c" is pronounced as "s" instead of "k". The word "duced" means "to lead or bring something into a particular state or condition", and is commonly used in business and management contexts.

Common Misspellings for DUCED

  • xuced
  • d8ced
  • d7ced
  • duxed
  • duved
  • duded
  • ducwd
  • ducdd
  • duc4d
  • duc3d
  • ducex
  • ducee
  • sduced
  • dsuced
  • xduced
  • dxuced
  • cduced
  • dcuced
  • fduced
  • dfuced

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