How Do You Spell DUCES TECUM?

Pronunciation: [djˈuːsɪz tˈɛkəm] (IPA)

The phrase "Duces tecum" is a legal term that means "bring with you." Its correct spelling is often confused due to its unusual Latin roots. The correct pronunciation is [ˈduː.tʃeɪs ˈtɛkʊm], with emphasis on the first syllable of both words. "Duces" should be pronounced with a long "u" sound and a "ch" sound for the "c." Meanwhile, "tecum" is pronounced with a hard "t" and "c" sound like "teck-um." Understanding the correct spelling and pronunciation of this term is essential for legal professionals.

DUCES TECUM Meaning and Definition

Duces tecum is a Latin phrase commonly used in the legal field that translates to "bring with you" or "you shall bring with you." It refers to a type of legal document or court order that requires an individual to produce or present certain specified documents or records for inspection, examination, or use as evidence in a legal proceeding.

When a duces tecum order is issued, it generally outlines the specific documents or records that need to be produced by the individual, such as financial records, medical records, contracts, correspondence, or any other relevant material that may be necessary to support or refute a claim in a legal case. The purpose of this order is to ensure that all relevant evidence is made available to the court or opposing parties involved in a lawsuit, thus promoting transparency and fairness in the legal process.

Failure to comply with a duces tecum order can lead to judicial penalties, including fines or even contempt of court charges. It is essential for the individual to collect and present the requested documents within the specified timeframe to avoid such consequences.

Overall, duces tecum is a legal term that pertains to the obligation of an individual to bring or produce specific documents or records as required by a court order or in response to a legal request.

Common Misspellings for DUCES TECUM

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Etymology of DUCES TECUM

The word "Duces tecum" is a Latin phrase that translates to "bring with you" or "you shall bring with you" in English.

The word "duces" is the second person singular form of the Latin verb "ducere", which means "to lead" or "to bring". It is related to the English word "duke", which originally referred to the leader or ruler of a territory.

The word "tecum" is the second person singular pronoun in Latin, derived from the Latin word "cum" meaning "with" and "te" meaning "you". It is related to the English word "you".

The phrase "duces tecum" is commonly used in legal contexts, particularly in subpoenas, where it instructs the person being summoned to appear in court or provide evidence, documents, or other items related to a case.


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