How Do You Spell DUE WEST?

Pronunciation: [djˈuː wˈɛst] (IPA)

The expression "due west" refers to a direction that is exactly opposite to the east. The word "due" is pronounced as /djuː/, with a d sound followed by a y sound, representing the phoneme /dʒ/. "West" is pronounced as /wɛst/, with a w sound followed by the phoneme /ɛ/, which sounds like "eh". This is followed by an s sound and a t sound, representing the phonemes /s/ and /t/ respectively. Together, the pronunciation of "due west" is /djuː wɛst/.

DUE WEST Meaning and Definition

  1. Due west is an expression that refers to a specific direction on the compass, denoting the opposite of east and the heading towards the western point, or approximately 270 degrees on a compass. It indicates that something is positioned or moving straight towards the west without any deviation or inclination towards another direction.

    The term "due" in this context means "directly" or "rightly." Therefore, due west signifies the most direct or accurate path leading towards the western direction. It implies that the movement or orientation being discussed is neither diagonal nor slanting, but rather straight, pointing exactly towards the west.

    Due west is often used to describe geographical or navigational directions. For example, if someone is instructed to go due west, they are instructed to proceed straight towards the west. In terms of maps or reference points, due west is represented by a line extending vertically downwards from the western part of the compass rose.

    Figuratively, due west can also be used idiomatically to describe an idea or concept that is completely straightforward or transparent. It suggests a state that is free from any ambiguity or subtext, emphasizing clarity and directness in communication or intent.

    Overall, due west represents a precise and uninfluenced movement or positioning towards the west.

Common Misspellings for DUE WEST

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Etymology of DUE WEST

The phrase "due west" consists of two words: "due" and "west".

1. "Due":

- The word "due" in this context comes from the Latin word "dēbēre", which means "to owe" or "to be bound to something". It has evolved over time to mean "owed", "proper", or "rightful".

2. "West":

- The word "west" originated from the Old English word "west", which is derived from the Proto-Germanic word "westrą". This word ultimately traces back to the Proto-Indo-European root "*wes", meaning "evening" or "night".

When combined, "due west" refers to the direction that is owed or proper in relation to the points of the compass. It signifies the cardinal direction toward the sunset or the location directly opposite the east.

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