How Do You Spell DUEL?

Pronunciation: [djˈuːəl] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "duel" is not phonetically intuitive. It is pronounced /ˈdjuːəl/ and can be broken down into two syllables. The first syllable is pronounced like the word "dew," while the second syllable is pronounced like the word "ull." The "u" in the first syllable is pronounced like the letter "y," which makes it sound like "d-yew-ull." Despite the unusual spelling, "duel" remains a commonly used word to describe a one-on-one fight between two opponents.

DUEL Meaning and Definition

  1. A duel is a prearranged contest or combat between two individuals or groups, typically fought with weapons, in order to resolve a dispute or defend one's honor. It consists of a formal confrontation between the participants, who engage in a battle of skill, strength, or strategy. Historically, duels were often conducted using swords or pistols, but the choice of weapons can vary.

    Dueling usually follows established rules or codes of conduct, which differ across cultures and time periods. These rules determine the manner in which the duel is conducted, such as the distance between participants, the duration of each round, and the circumstances under which it can be declared concluded. In addition, duels are often overseen by seconds, who act as witnesses and ensure that the proceedings are carried out fairly.

    The motivations for dueling can be diverse, ranging from personal conflicts and grievances to challenges set by societal norms. Duels were often seen as a means to restore one's honor, reputation, or social standing. However, the practice of dueling has significantly declined in modern times due to legal restrictions and changing societal norms, with most jurisdictions banning it outright.

    While dueling may evoke notions of violence and aggression, it is important to recognize that the definition of a duel encompasses an organized, consensual, and regulated form of combat that aims to resolve conflicts through a structured process rather than disregarding the law or engaging in spontaneous acts of violence.

  2. A battle or combat between two persons with deadly weapons.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of DUEL

The word "duel" originated from the Latin word "duellum", which means "combat between two". It later evolved into the Old French word "duel", which took on the specific meaning of "combat between two individuals". Ultimately, the term was borrowed into the English language in the late 15th century.

Similar spelling words for DUEL

Plural form of DUEL is DUELS

Conjugate verb Duel


I would be duelling
you would be duelling
he/she/it would be duelling
we would be duelling
they would be duelling


I would have dueled; duelled
you would have dueled; duelled
he/she/it would have dueled; duelled
we would have dueled; duelled
they would have dueled; duelled
I would have duel
you would have duel
he/she/it would have duel
we would have duel
they would have duel


I would have been duelling
you would have been duelling
he/she/it would have been duelling
we would have been duelling
they would have been duelling


I would have been dueling; duelling
you would have been dueling; duelling
he/she/it would have been dueling; duelling
we would have been dueling; duelling
they would have been dueling; duelling


I would duel
you would duel
he/she/it would duel
we would duel
they would duel


I would be dueling; duelling
you would be dueling; duelling
he/she/it would be dueling; duelling
we would be dueling; duelling
they would be dueling; duelling


I will duel
you will duel
he/she/it will duel
we will duel
they will duel


I will be dueling; duelling
you will be dueling; duelling
he/she/it will be dueling; duelling
we will be dueling; duelling
they will be dueling; duelling
I will be duelling
you will be duelling
he/she/it will be duelling
we will be duelling
they will be duelling


I will have dueled; duelled
you will have dueled; duelled
he/she/it will have dueled; duelled
we will have dueled; duelled
they will have dueled; duelled
I will have dueled
we will have dueled
you will have dueled
he/she/it will have dueled
they will have dueled
I will have duelled
you will have duelled
he/she/it will have duelled
we will have duelled
they will have duelled


I will have been dueling; duelling
you will have been dueling; duelling
he/she/it will have been dueling; duelling
we will have been dueling; duelling
they will have been dueling; duelling
I will have been duelling
you will have been duelling
he/she/it will have been duelling
we will have been duelling
they will have been duelling


you duel
we let´s duel


to duel


I dueled
we dueled
you dueled
he/she/it dueled
they dueled
I duelled
you duelled
he/she/it duelled
we duelled
they duelled


I was dueling; duelling
you were dueling; duelling
he/she/it was dueling; duelling
we were dueling; duelling
they were dueling; duelling
I was duelling
you were duelling
he/she/it was duelling
we were duelling
they were duelling


dueled; duelled


I had dueled; duelled
you had dueled; duelled
he/she/it had dueled; duelled
we had dueled; duelled
they had dueled; duelled
I had dueled
we had dueled
you had dueled
he/she/it had dueled
they had dueled
I had duelled
you had duelled
he/she/it had duelled
we had duelled
they had duelled


I had been dueling; duelling
you had been dueling; duelling
he/she/it had been dueling; duelling
we had been dueling; duelling
they had been dueling; duelling
I had been duelling
you had been duelling
he/she/it had been duelling
we had been duelling
they had been duelling


I duel
you duel
he/she/it duels
we duel
they duel


I am dueling; duelling
you are dueling; duelling
he/she/it is dueling; duelling
we are dueling; duelling
they are dueling; duelling
I am duelling
you are duelling
he/she/it is duelling
we are duelling
they are duelling


dueling; duelling


I have dueled; duelled
you have dueled; duelled
he/she/it has dueled; duelled
we have dueled; duelled
they have dueled; duelled
I have dueled
we have dueled
you have dueled
he/she/it has dueled
they have dueled
I have duelled
you have duelled
he/she/it has duelled
we have duelled
they have duelled


I have been dueling; duelling
you have been dueling; duelling
he/she/it has been dueling; duelling
we have been dueling; duelling
they have been dueling; duelling
I have been duelling
you have been duelling
he/she/it has been duelling
we have been duelling
they have been duelling


he/she/it duel


I dueled; duelled
you dueled; duelled
he/she/it dueled; duelled
we dueled; duelled
they dueled; duelled
I am dueling
we are dueling
you are dueling
he/she/it is dueling
they are dueling
I was dueling
we were dueling
you were dueling
he/she/it was dueling
they were dueling
I will be dueling
we will be dueling
you will be dueling
he/she/it will be dueling
they will be dueling
I have been dueling
we have been dueling
you have been dueling
he/she/it has been dueling
they have been dueling
I had been dueling
we had been dueling
you had been dueling
he/she/it had been dueling
they had been dueling
I will have been dueling
we will have been dueling
you will have been dueling
he/she/it will have been dueling
they will have been dueling
I would have dueled
we would have dueled
you would have dueled
he/she/it would have dueled
they would have dueled
I would be dueling
we would be dueling
you would be dueling
he/she/it would be dueling
they would be dueling
I would have been dueling
we would have been dueling
you would have been dueling
he/she/it would have been dueling
they would have been dueling


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