How Do You Spell DUELED?

Pronunciation: [djˈuːəld] (IPA)

The word "dueled" is a past tense verb that means engaging in a duel or a gunfight. It is pronounced as /djuːld/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The spelling of this word follows the regular past tense forms of verbs that end with "e" such as "smiled" or "waved". The letter "u" in "dueled" represents the sound of the vowel "u" in words like "duty" and "rude." Overall, "dueled" is a commonly used word in literature and everyday conversation.

DUELED Meaning and Definition

  1. Dueled (verb) refers to the action of engaging in a formal combat or contest between two individuals or groups. It is a term often associated with historical periods where dueling was a prominent practice, involving a prearranged and regulated fight between two opponents, usually fought with swords or pistols.

    In a duel, participants face off in a structured and ceremonial manner, adhering to strict rules and codes of conduct. The purpose of a duel is primarily to settle a dispute or defend honor. Duels have historically been seen as a way for individuals to resolve personal conflicts or perceived offenses, particularly when legal systems were limited in their ability to provide justice.

    In modern usage, the term "dueled" can also be used metaphorically to describe a competitive or contentious exchange or confrontation between two parties. For example, it can be applied to sporting events where two athletes or teams engage in a highly intense and competitive matchup.

    The act of dueling typically involves a mutual agreement between the parties involved, often in the presence of witnesses, to engage in a fight until a predetermined outcome is reached. In many cases, such encounters have been deemed illegal due to the high risk of injury or fatality. Today, dueling is mostly regarded as an archaic practice, although it still holds a significant place in historical and cultural contexts worldwide.

Common Misspellings for DUELED

Etymology of DUELED

The word "dueled" is derived from the noun "duel", which traces its roots back to the Latin word "duellum" (also spelled "bellum duellum"). "Duellum" originally referred to a combat or fight between two individuals. It later transformed into the Old French word "duel", which took on the meaning of a formal combat with specific rules and often involving weapons. In English, "duel" emerged in the 1640s and was eventually turned into a verb, "dueled", which denotes engaging in a duel or engaging in a conflict or competition.

Similar spelling words for DUELED

Conjugate verb Dueled


I would duel
we would duel
you would duel
he/she/it would duel
they would duel


I will duel
we will duel
you will duel
he/she/it will duel
they will duel


I will have dueled
we will have dueled
you will have dueled
he/she/it will have dueled
they will have dueled


I dueled
we dueled
you dueled
he/she/it dueled
they dueled


I had dueled
we had dueled
you had dueled
he/she/it had dueled
they had dueled


I duel
we duel
you duel
he/she/it duels
they duel


I have dueled
we have dueled
you have dueled
he/she/it has dueled
they have dueled
I am dueling
we are dueling
you are dueling
he/she/it is dueling
they are dueling
I was dueling
we were dueling
you were dueling
he/she/it was dueling
they were dueling
I will be dueling
we will be dueling
you will be dueling
he/she/it will be dueling
they will be dueling
I have been dueling
we have been dueling
you have been dueling
he/she/it has been dueling
they have been dueling
I had been dueling
we had been dueling
you had been dueling
he/she/it had been dueling
they had been dueling
I will have been dueling
we will have been dueling
you will have been dueling
he/she/it will have been dueling
they will have been dueling
I would have dueled
we would have dueled
you would have dueled
he/she/it would have dueled
they would have dueled
I would be dueling
we would be dueling
you would be dueling
he/she/it would be dueling
they would be dueling
I would have been dueling
we would have been dueling
you would have been dueling
he/she/it would have been dueling
they would have been dueling


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