How Do You Spell DUNNITE?

The word "dunnite" is spelled with two N's, despite the fact that the pronunciation may suggest otherwise. In IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcription, the word is pronounced /ˈdʌnaɪt/, with a short "u" sound and an elongated "i." The spelling of the word may be confusing for those who hear it pronounced with a single "n," but it is important to remember the correct spelling in writing. Dunnite refers to a highly explosive compound, primarily used in mining and quarrying.

Common Misspellings for DUNNITE

  • sunnite
  • xunnite
  • cunnite
  • funnite
  • runnite
  • eunnite
  • dynnite
  • dhnnite
  • djnnite
  • dinnite
  • d8nnite
  • d7nnite
  • dunnute
  • dunnjte
  • dunnkte
  • dunnote
  • dunn9te
  • dunn8te
  • dunnire
  • dunnife

Plural form of DUNNITE is DUNNITES

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