How Do You Spell DUNS?

Pronunciation: [dˈʌnz] (IPA)

DUNS is a common noun used to describe small hills or ridges in the Scottish lowlands. The spelling of this word is straightforward and easy to remember, as it is pronounced /dʌnz/, with the "u" sound pronounced like the "u" in "fun." However, the origin of the word is uncertain, with some theories suggesting it may stem from Celtic or Norse languages. Regardless of its unknown etymology, the spelling of DUNS remains a simple and useful term in Scottish geography.

DUNS Meaning and Definition

  1. DUNS is an acronym for "Data Universal Numbering System." It is a unique nine-digit identifier assigned by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), a renowned global provider of business data and insights. The DUNS number serves as a universal business identifier and is widely used by organizations and government entities around the world.

    The DUNS number system was developed by D&B to create a consistent and reliable method of identifying businesses. It provides a standardized way to track and organize business information, facilitating more efficient data management and analysis.

    Each DUNS number is assigned to a single business entity, irrespective of its size, location, or industry. It helps establish the authenticity and legitimacy of a business and is commonly used for a variety of purposes. These may include credit evaluation, supplier assessment, government procurement processes, business-to-business transactions, and regulatory compliance.

    The DUNS number is widely recognized and acts as a global identifier for businesses, streamlining data sharing and enabling easier collaboration between organizations. It enables quicker and more accurate information retrieval, reducing the risk of discrepancies or confusion in business records.

    Overall, DUNS plays a crucial role in facilitating business identification and information management, assisting organizations in their decision-making processes, risk assessment, and ensuring transparency across various sectors and industries.

Common Misspellings for DUNS

Similar spelling words for DUNS

Conjugate verb Duns


I would dun
we would dun
you would dun
he/she/it would dun
they would dun


I will dun
we will dun
you will dun
he/she/it will dun
they will dun


I will have dunned
we will have dunned
you will have dunned
he/she/it will have dunned
they will have dunned


I dunned
we dunned
you dunned
he/she/it dunned
they dunned


I had dunned
we had dunned
you had dunned
he/she/it had dunned
they had dunned


I dun
we dun
you dun
he/she/it duns
they dun


I have dunned
we have dunned
you have dunned
he/she/it has dunned
they have dunned
I am dunning
we are dunning
you are dunning
he/she/it is dunning
they are dunning
I was dunning
we were dunning
you were dunning
he/she/it was dunning
they were dunning
I will be dunning
we will be dunning
you will be dunning
he/she/it will be dunning
they will be dunning
I have been dunning
we have been dunning
you have been dunning
he/she/it has been dunning
they have been dunning
I had been dunning
we had been dunning
you had been dunning
he/she/it had been dunning
they had been dunning
I will have been dunning
we will have been dunning
you will have been dunning
he/she/it will have been dunning
they will have been dunning
I would have dunned
we would have dunned
you would have dunned
he/she/it would have dunned
they would have dunned
I would be dunning
we would be dunning
you would be dunning
he/she/it would be dunning
they would be dunning
I would have been dunning
we would have been dunning
you would have been dunning
he/she/it would have been dunning
they would have been dunning


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