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Tips on how to Use the Online Spell Checker for Dutch - Nederlands.

While spelling errors may not seem like a huge deal to you, even small mistakes can make you look unprofessional in the eyes of clients, teachers or potential employers. Do not be ashamed of your typos; even authors and journalists with years of writing experience slip up sometimes. That's what spellcheckers are for. Sadly, most spellcheck programs are only compatible with a single language. has tools for editing prose in dozens of languages, including a Dutch spellchecker.

How To Benefit From The Dutch Spell Checker

To use the Dutch spellcheck tool, just copy your prose, paste it into the text box and click the "Spell Check" button. A new window will pop up displaying your text with spelling mistakes highlighted red. When you click on a misspelling, you will be given a list of suggestions for corrections. Click on the desired correction to highlight it, and then click "Change" to fix it. If you misspelled a word several times throughout the text, you can click "Change All" to automatically fix all instances of the word. The Dutch spell checker may underline words that you know are correct, such as names of organizations or other uncommon proper nouns. In that case, just click on the word and choose "Ignore" or "Ignore All". You can even tell the Dutch spellchecker to ignore acronyms in all caps, words with number characters and domain names by clicking the "Options" tab.

Choosing The Right Words

To help make sure that you always use the correct word to communicate your intended meaning, provides a Dutch dictionary. Scroll all the way down the homepage to find a menu with each letter of the alphabet. Click on a letter to see all words that start with that letter.

Make the Grade, Make the Sale, Get the Job

Whether you are writing a term paper, composing sales copy or putting together a resume, do not let anyone see your work until it has been through the Dutch spell check tool. It will help you make the grade, make the sale or land your dream job.