How Do You Spell DYES?

The word "dyes" is spelled as /daɪz/. It is a verb that refers to the process of coloring a substance using a particular substance or agent. The "d" in "dyes" is pronounced as /d/ and followed by the long vowel sound of "i" which is represented by the letter "y". The final "s" is pronounced as /z/. This spelling follows general English pronunciation rules and is easy to remember for English language learners.

Common Misspellings for DYES

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16 words made out of letters DYES

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Conjugate verb Dyes


I would dye
we would dye
you would dye
he/she/it would dye
they would dye


I will dye
we will dye
you will dye
he/she/it will dye
they will dye


I will have dyed
we will have dyed
you will have dyed
he/she/it will have dyed
they will have dyed


I dyed
we dyed
you dyed
he/she/it dyed
they dyed


I had dyed
we had dyed
you had dyed
he/she/it had dyed
they had dyed


I dye
we dye
you dye
he/she/it dyes
they dye


I have dyed
we have dyed
you have dyed
he/she/it has dyed
they have dyed
I am dying
we are dying
you are dying
he/she/it is dying
they are dying
I was dying
we were dying
you were dying
he/she/it was dying
they were dying
I will be dying
we will be dying
you will be dying
he/she/it will be dying
they will be dying
I have been dying
we have been dying
you have been dying
he/she/it has been dying
they have been dying
I had been dying
we had been dying
you had been dying
he/she/it had been dying
they had been dying
I will have been dying
we will have been dying
you will have been dying
he/she/it will have been dying
they will have been dying
I would have dyed
we would have dyed
you would have dyed
he/she/it would have dyed
they would have dyed
I would be dying
we would be dying
you would be dying
he/she/it would be dying
they would be dying
I would have been dying
we would have been dying
you would have been dying
he/she/it would have been dying
they would have been dying


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