How Do You Spell E'S?

The spelling of the word "e's" may seem confusing at first due to the apostrophe, but in phonetic terms, it makes perfect sense. The IPA transcription for this word is /i:z/, indicating that the "e" sound is elongated and followed by a voiced "z" sound. The apostrophe serves to represent the omitted letter "s" in the contraction for "e is" or "e has". So next time you see "e's" written, remember it's simply a contraction of two words with a clear phonetic pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for E'S

  • 4's
  • 3's
  • e'a
  • e'z
  • e'x
  • e'd
  • e'e
  • e'w
  • 4e's
  • e4's
  • 3e's
  • e3's
  • e'sa
  • e'zs
  • e'sz
  • e'xs
  • e'sx
  • e'ds
  • e'sd
  • e'es

2 words made out of letters E'S

2 letters


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