How Do You Spell EAGRE?

The word "eagre" is pronounced as /iːɡə(r)/ and refers to a tidal bore, a large wave caused by the incoming tide of a river or narrow bay. The spelling of this word can also be seen as "eager" in some regions, which is pronounced as /iːɡə(r)/. The origin of this word is from the Old English word "ecg" meaning "edge" or "point" and was later combined with the word "ær" meaning "mud" to create "egær," eventually evolving into the word "eagre."

Common Misspellings for EAGRE

  • wagre
  • sagre
  • dagre
  • ragre
  • 4agre
  • 3agre
  • ezgre
  • esgre
  • ewgre
  • eqgre
  • eafre
  • eavre
  • eabre
  • eahre
  • eayre
  • eatre
  • eagfe
  • eagte
  • eag5e

Similar spelling words for EAGRE

Plural form of EAGRE is EAGRES

24 words made out of letters EAGRE

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