How Do You Spell EASED?

Correct spelling for the English word "eased" is [ˈiːzd], [ˈiːzd], [ˈiː_z_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for EASED

Below is the list of 580 misspellings for the word "eased".

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Definition of EASED

  1. of Ease

Anagrams of EASED

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Usage Examples for EASED

  1. If I have eased one heart of pain; If I have made one throb or thrill; My labour has not been in vain. - "Tobogganing On Parnassus" by Franklin P. Adams
  2. I was not in a fighting mood, but I had never refused a challenge, and, somehow, the thought of bloodshed eased my pain a little. - "Explorers of the Dawn" by Mazo de la Roche
  3. Opening the trap door all the way, Tom eased himself down into the opening. - "Treachery in Outer Space" by Carey Rockwell and Louis Glanzman
  4. I thought every moment we should be dragged under; but whenever this seemed likely to happen, the line was let run a bit, and the strain eased. - "Fighting the Whales" by R.M. Ballantyne
  5. When the ice and cold water had eased Kryltzoff a little, and he had been put to bed, Nekhludoff, having said good- night to everybody, went out with the sergeant, who had been waiting for him some time. - "Resurrection" by Maude, Louise Shanks

Conjugate verb Eased


I would ease
we would ease
you would ease
he/she/it would ease
they would ease


I will ease
we will ease
you will ease
he/she/it will ease
they will ease


I will have eased
we will have eased
you will have eased
he/she/it will have eased
they will have eased


I eased
we eased
you eased
he/she/it eased
they eased


I had eased
we had eased
you had eased
he/she/it had eased
they had eased


I ease
we ease
you ease
he/she/it eases
they ease


I have eased
we have eased
you have eased
he/she/it has eased
they have eased
I am easing
we are easing
you are easing
he/she/it is easing
they are easing
I was easing
we were easing
you were easing
he/she/it was easing
they were easing
I will be easing
we will be easing
you will be easing
he/she/it will be easing
they will be easing
I have been easing
we have been easing
you have been easing
he/she/it has been easing
they have been easing
I had been easing
we had been easing
you had been easing
he/she/it had been easing
they had been easing
I will have been easing
we will have been easing
you will have been easing
he/she/it will have been easing
they will have been easing
I would have eased
we would have eased
you would have eased
he/she/it would have eased
they would have eased
I would be easing
we would be easing
you would be easing
he/she/it would be easing
they would be easing
I would have been easing
we would have been easing
you would have been easing
he/she/it would have been easing
they would have been easing