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Pronunciation: [ˈiːzə͡lz] (IPA)

The word "easels" is pronounced /ˈiːz(ə)lz/. The spelling is derived from the singular form "easel", which comes from the Dutch word "ezel", meaning donkey. The word "easel" was originally used to describe a support for paintings that resembled the shape of a donkey. The plural form is created by adding the suffix "-s" to the end of the word, and the pronunciation changes slightly to include a short "s" sound at the end.

EASELS Meaning and Definition

  1. Easels are stand-like structures specifically designed to hold and support artwork, typically paintings or drawings. They consist of three main parts: a vertical support, a horizontal ledge, and three legs that provide stability.

    The vertical support, often referred to as the mast or upright, extends from the base and holds the artwork in an upright position. It can be adjusted in height to accommodate different canvas sizes or the preference of the artist. Additionally, the mast is often equipped with a mechanism or knobs that allow artists to tilt or angle the artwork as desired.

    At the top of the mast, there is a ledge, also known as a tray or canvas rest, which serves as a support for the artwork. It prevents the canvas or paper from sliding or falling down during the painting process. The ledge can be adjustable or fixed, depending on the easel model.

    Easels are commonly made from various materials, including wood, metal, or plastic. This allows for different levels of durability, portability, and weight. Some easels are designed for studio use and are often heavier and sturdier, while others are lighter and more portable for plein air or outdoor painting.

    Artists of all skill levels and mediums utilize easels to create their work. Easels provide an ergonomic and practical solution for artists, as they allow for proper positioning and easy access to the artwork during the creative process.

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Etymology of EASELS

The word "easels" has a relatively straightforward etymology. It stems from the Middle Dutch word "esel" and the German word "esel", both of which mean "donkey". This connection is due to the similarity in shape between a donkey's head and the top of an easel. In the 1590s, the word "easel" was adopted into English to refer to the wooden frame used to hold a painting or display artwork, and it has retained this meaning since then.

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