How Do You Spell EATEN?

Pronunciation: [ˈiːtən] (IPA)

The word "eaten" is spelled with a standard English phonetic transcription of /ˈiːtən/. The first sound /i:/ represents the long "e" sound, which is commonly used in words like "meet" and "free". The second sound /t/ represents the basic "t" sound, while the third sound /ən/ represents the common ending "-en". Overall, the spelling of "eaten" follows standard English spelling conventions, with the use of the "ea" vowel combination and "-en" ending.

EATEN Meaning and Definition

Eaten is the past participle of the verb "eat." The term refers to the action of consuming food or ingesting it, usually through the mouth. It implies the process of putting food into one's mouth, chewing and manipulating it with the teeth, and then swallowing it in order to nourish the body. When something is eaten, it serves as a source of sustenance, providing the necessary energy and nutrients required for survival and growth.

The term "eaten" can also be used figuratively to describe situations where things are consumed or used up by a destructive force or process. For instance, if a fire is said to have eaten through a building, it means that the flames have engulfed and destroyed the structure. Similarly, if information or ideas are described as being eaten by someone's mind, it suggests that they have absorbed or fully grasped the concepts.

In a figurative sense, "eaten" can also refer to feelings or emotions that overwhelm an individual. For instance, if someone says they feel eaten by guilt, it means that the feeling of remorse or regret is strongly affecting them and consuming their thoughts and emotions.

Overall, the term "eaten" primarily describes the act of consuming food physically, but can also be used more broadly to express figurative notions of destruction, absorption, or overwhelming effects on emotions or thoughts.

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Etymology of EATEN

The word eaten has its origin in the Old English verb etan, which meant to eat. It can be traced back further to the Proto-Germanic word etan, from which several other Germanic languages derived their equivalent terms for eat. Ultimately, this word can be linked to the Proto-Indo-European root ed- meaning to eat. Over time, through various linguistic changes and developments, the Old English etan evolved into the modern English eat. Similarly, the past participle form of the verb, eaten, also developed from Old English, maintaining its connection to its origins in the word etan.

Idioms with the word EATEN

  • eaten up with/by sth The idiom "eaten up with/by something" refers to a state of being consumed or overwhelmed by a particular emotion, feeling, or concern. It describes someone who is excessively preoccupied or troubled by something, to the point where it affects their thoughts, emotions, or behavior.
  • eaten up with (something) The idiom "eaten up with (something)" means being consumed or overwhelmed by a strong emotion, concern, or obsession. It implies that the person is deeply affected or preoccupied by the specified feeling or issue.

Similar spelling words for EATEN

Conjugate verb Eaten


I would eaten
you would eaten
he/she/it would eaten
we would eaten
they would eaten
I would eat
we would eat
you would eat
he/she/it would eat
they would eat


I would be eating
you would be eating
he/she/it would be eating
we would be eating
they would be eating


I would have eaten
you would have eaten
he/she/it would have eaten
we would have eaten
they would have eaten


I would have been eating
you would have been eating
he/she/it would have been eating
we would have been eating
they would have been eating


I will eat
you will eat
he/she/it will eat
we will eat
they will eat


I will be eating
you will be eating
he/she/it will be eating
we will be eating
they will be eating


I will have eaten
you will have eaten
he/she/it will have eaten
we will have eaten
they will have eaten


I will have been eating
you will have been eating
he/she/it will have been eating
we will have been eating
they will have been eating


you eat
we let´s eat


to eat


I ate
you ate
he/she/it ate
we ate
they ate


I was eating
you were eating
he/she/it was eating
we were eating
they were eating




I had eaten
you had eaten
he/she/it had eaten
we had eaten
they had eaten


I had been eating
you had been eating
he/she/it had been eating
we had been eating
they had been eating


I eat
you eat
he/she/it eats
we eat
they eat


I am eating
you are eating
he/she/it is eating
we are eating
they are eating




I have eaten
you have eaten
he/she/it has eaten
we have eaten
they have eaten


I have been eating
you have been eating
he/she/it has been eating
we have been eating
they have been eating


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