How Do You Spell EAVES?

Pronunciation: [ˈiːvz] (IPA)

The word "eaves" is often misspelled as "eves" because of its pronunciation. The correct spelling is "eaves" and it is pronounced as [iːvz]. The IPA transcription for "eaves" is /iːvz/. The confusion in spelling arises because the pronunciation of the word does not clearly indicate the presence of the letter "a." However, it is important to use the correct spelling in order to convey the intended meaning accurately. "Eaves" refers to the lower edge of the roof that projects beyond the wall of a building.

EAVES Meaning and Definition

  1. Eaves, noun (plural):

    1. The projected edge or overhang of a roof, typically that of a house or building, that extends beyond the walls. Eaves are located along the lower edge of a sloping roof and serve to protect the walls, doors, and windows from rainwater or other elements by diverting them away from the structure. The eaves usually consist of a horizontal timber or metal board, known as the fascia, along with a vertical board, called the soffit, which provides a finished appearance to the underside of the eaves. Additionally, eaves can be adorned with decorative elements, such as mouldings or gutters that channel water away from the structure's foundation.

    2. The area or space directly beneath the eaves of a roof. This area is often used as storage space or can be converted into living quarters, depending on the design and architecture of the building. In some cases, the eaves may extend low enough to create a covered or sheltered area, adding both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality to the exterior of the structure.

    In summary, eaves are the horizontal overhangs of a roof that extend beyond the walls of a building, providing protection from the elements and enhancing the structural and aesthetic aspects of the overall design.

  2. The part of the roof of a house that overhangs the wall.

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Etymology of EAVES

The word "eaves" originated from the Old English word "efes" or "efese", which meant "edge of a roof". This term came from the Old Norse word "ups", which translates to "brim" or "border". Over time, "efes" evolved into "eves" and eventually became "eaves", referring specifically to the lower edges of a roof that overhang the walls of a building.

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Plural form of EAVES is EAVES


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