The word "eccroprotic" is not a common term, but it refers to a type of solvent in chemistry. Its spelling is derived from the Greek words "ekkrōsis" meaning "expulsion" and "protos" meaning "first." When pronounced using IPA phonetic transcription, the word is spelt [ˌekrəʊˈprəʊtɪk]. This word is not used frequently outside scientific circles, yet it highlights how the technical language of chemistry requires an understanding of etymology and phonetics.

Common Misspellings for ECCROPROTIC

  • eccroprouic
  • eccroprotyc
  • eccroprotac
  • eccroprotmc
  • eccroprothc
  • eccroprotis
  • eccroprotik
  • eccroprotig
  • eccroprotia
  • eccroprotib
  • eccroprotayec
  • eccroproteyec
  • e ccroprotic
  • ec croprotic
  • ecc roprotic
  • eccr oprotic
  • eccropr otic
  • eccropro tic
  • eccroprot ic
  • eccroproti c

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