How Do You Spell ECHT?

The word "echt" is a German word that means "genuine" or "authentic." It is spelled with the letters "e," "c," "h," and "t". In IPA phonetic transcription, this word is spelled /ɛçt/. The "e" is pronounced as "eh," the "c" sounds like "ch," the "h" is silent, and the "t" is pronounced like "t." The spelling of "echt" is a good illustration of how different languages use different combinations of letters and sounds to represent words.

Common Misspellings for ECHT

  • scht
  • eccht
  • echht
  • echtt
  • ucht
  • mcht
  • gcht
  • esht
  • ekht
  • eaht
  • ebht
  • ecxt
  • ecit
  • ech4
  • echd
  • echv
  • echu
  • e cht
  • ec ht
  • ech t

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