How Do You Spell ECLOSION?

Eclosion is a term that refers to the process of an insect emerging from its pupal stage, commonly known as hatching. The word is pronounced as [ɛkloʊʒən]. In IPA phonetic transcription, the first syllable 'ec' is pronounced as [ɛk], which sounds like 'eck.' The second part is pronounced as [loʊʒən], which sounds like 'lo-shun.' The spelling of the word 'eclosion' is derived from the French word 'éclosion,' which means 'hatching' or 'emergence.'

Common Misspellings for ECLOSION

  • wclosion
  • sclosion
  • dclosion
  • rclosion
  • 4closion
  • 3closion
  • exlosion
  • evlosion
  • eflosion
  • edlosion
  • eckosion
  • ecposion
  • ecoosion
  • eclision
  • eclksion
  • ecllsion
  • eclpsion
  • ecl0sion
  • ecl9sion
  • ecloaion

Plural form of ECLOSION is ECLOSIONS

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