How Do You Spell EDINGTON?

Pronunciation: [ˈɛdɪŋtən] (IPA)

Edington is a town in Wiltshire, England, pronounced as /ɛdɪŋtən/. The word "Edington" is spelled as it sounds, with the "e" making the "eh" sound, "d" making the "duh" sound, "i" making the "ih" sound, "n" making the "n" sound, "g" making the "guh" sound, "t" making the "t" sound, and "o" making the "uh" sound. The final "n" is also pronounced as a separate sound, making it a two-syllable word.

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Etymology of EDINGTON

There is limited information available regarding the specific etymology of the word Edington. However, it is likely a place name derived from Old English.

The suffix -ington is a common element in English place names and stems from the Old English word tun, meaning enclosure or settlement. It indicates that the word refers to a town or village. The prefix Ed- could be derived from various sources, such as the Old English personal name Ead or Eadwine, meaning rich or prosperous friend.

Therefore, Edington could potentially mean the settlement of Ead's people or the town of Eadwine. However, without further historical or geographical context, it is challenging to provide a more accurate etymology for the specific word Edington.

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