How Do You Spell EELS?

Correct spelling for the English word "Eels" is [ˈiːlz], [ˈiːlz], [ˈiː_l_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for EELS

Below is the list of 174 misspellings for the word "eels".

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Definition of EELS

  1. Common name for an order (Anguilliformes) of voracious, elongate, snakelike teleost fishes.

Anagrams of EELS

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Usage Examples for EELS

  1. Then with their flickering finger- tips they stirred the hot logs and coals, burrowing after the thin tapes and swirls of vanishing flame, and fetching them out like small blue eels still wriggling for escape. - "The Field of Clover" by Laurence Housman
  2. Some of the eels swam along very slowly, looking on this side and on that as if they were out of work or up from the country, and others whizzed by with incredible swiftness. - "Mary, Mary" by James Stephens Commentator: Padraic Colum

What does Eels stand for?

Abbreviation EELS means:

  1. Electron Energy Loss Spectra
  2. Egyptian English Language School