How Do You Spell ELSEWAYS?

Elseways is a rarely used adverb that means "in a different way" or "otherwise." It is pronounced /ˈɛlsweɪz/, with the stress on the first syllable. This word is spelled using the suffix "-ways," which denotes direction or manner. The root word "else" means "in addition," "besides," or "otherwise." The combination of "-else" and "-ways" results in the meaning "in another direction or manner." Despite its infrequent usage, elseways can add variety to one's writing, making it a useful tool in the English language.

Common Misspellings for ELSEWAYS

  • wlseways
  • slseways
  • dlseways
  • rlseways
  • 4lseways
  • 3lseways
  • ekseways
  • epseways
  • eoseways
  • elaeways
  • elzeways
  • elxeways
  • eldeways
  • eleeways
  • elweways
  • elswways
  • elssways
  • elsdways
  • elsrways
  • els4ways

10 words made out of letters ELSEWAYS


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