How Do You Spell ENATE?

Enate is spelled with the letters E-N-A-T-E and pronounced /ˈi.neɪt/. The phonetic transcription shows that the first syllable is pronounced with a long 'i' sound, the second with a schwa, and the final syllable with a long 'a' sound. This word is an adjective that means "related to a group of senators" or "belonging to a legislative body composed of senators." It is important to spell words correctly to ensure clear communication and accurate understanding.

Common Misspellings for ENATE

  • wnate
  • snate
  • rnate
  • 4nate
  • 3nate
  • ejate
  • enzte
  • enste
  • enwte
  • enqte
  • enare
  • enafe
  • enaye
  • ena6e
  • ena5e
  • enatw
  • enats
  • enatd
  • enatr

Similar spelling words for ENATE

Plural form of ENATE is ENATES

22 words made out of letters ENATE

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