How Do You Spell ENCORES?

Correct spelling for the English word "encores" is [ˈɒnkɔːz], [ˈɒnkɔːz], [ˈɒ_n_k_ɔː_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for ENCORES

Below is the list of 151 misspellings for the word "encores".

Similar spelling words for ENCORES

29 words made out of letters ENCORES

5 letters

  • sneer,
  • senor,
  • creon,
  • ceres,
  • cense,
  • scree,
  • snore,
  • score,
  • erose,
  • cores,
  • ceros,
  • corse,
  • scene,
  • scone,
  • norse,
  • cones,
  • scorn,
  • crone,
  • ernes,
  • crees,
  • corns.

6 letters

  • enesco,
  • encore,
  • censer,
  • screen,
  • crones,
  • secern,
  • censor.

7 letters

  • necrose.

Conjugate verb Encores


I would encore
we would encore
you would encore
he/she/it would encore
they would encore


I will encore
we will encore
you will encore
he/she/it will encore
they will encore


I will have encored
we will have encored
you will have encored
he/she/it will have encored
they will have encored


I encored
we encored
you encored
he/she/it encored
they encored


I had encored
we had encored
you had encored
he/she/it had encored
they had encored


I encore
we encore
you encore
he/she/it encores
they encore


I have encored
we have encored
you have encored
he/she/it has encored
they have encored
I am encoring
we are encoring
you are encoring
he/she/it is encoring
they are encoring
I was encoring
we were encoring
you were encoring
he/she/it was encoring
they were encoring
I will be encoring
we will be encoring
you will be encoring
he/she/it will be encoring
they will be encoring
I have been encoring
we have been encoring
you have been encoring
he/she/it has been encoring
they have been encoring
I had been encoring
we had been encoring
you had been encoring
he/she/it had been encoring
they had been encoring
I will have been encoring
we will have been encoring
you will have been encoring
he/she/it will have been encoring
they will have been encoring
I would have encored
we would have encored
you would have encored
he/she/it would have encored
they would have encored
I would be encoring
we would be encoring
you would be encoring
he/she/it would be encoring
they would be encoring
I would have been encoring
we would have been encoring
you would have been encoring
he/she/it would have been encoring
they would have been encoring


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