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Our British Spell Checker – An Indispensable Tool for Writing in British English

Most word processors have a built-in British English spell checker. However, it doesn't always distinguish between American and British spelling. It's still necessary for you to comb through your documents word by word, and that can be a total waste of time.

That's why we came up with our free British spell checker – to make your job easier and less time-consuming. After all, why should you waste your time working on a task manually when you can do it automatically? Why shouldn't you come up with an impeccably-spelled document that will impress your readers?

Why Use a Spell Checker for British English

English is a global language, but not everyone writes it the way Americans do. Many adhere to the British way, and they can be sensitive about it. If you want to remove barriers between you and your readers, you have to write in your readers' language. That means writing in British English if that is your readers' language.

A good UK spelling check tool is very useful if you're not familiar with British spelling. You don't need a crash course on British English and you don't have to use a dictionary. The UK spell check tool will correct your spelling with one click of the mouse.

How Our Spell Check Tool Can Help You

Our free, web-based spell checker is easy to use. First, select British English in the language column. Then type or paste your text in the textbox provided. Afterwards, click the spellcheck box and the software will do its job.

While our spell check tool checks spelling automatically, it will prompt you when there are spelling conflicts you need to resolve. When this happens, a dialog box will pop up asking you if the highlighted word in the document needs to be corrected. It will also provide you with alternative spellings for that word.

If you are writing in British English, it's important that you spell your words correctly. Otherwise, you risk losing credibility and alienating your readers. Our free, web-based British English spelling checker will do this job for you easily and painlessly.