How Do You Spell ENKINDLED?

Enkindled is a verb that means to set something on fire or to ignite. The spelling of this word can be broken down into three parts: en- /kɪn/ -dld. The prefix 'en-' means to make something happen, while the root word 'kin' means fire or flame. The suffix '-dled' signifies that the action of setting something on fire has taken place. Overall, enkindled is a word that describes the act of lighting a fire or igniting something.

Common Misspellings for ENKINDLED

  • wnkindled
  • snkindled
  • dnkindled
  • rnkindled
  • 4nkindled
  • 3nkindled
  • ebkindled
  • emkindled
  • ejkindled
  • ehkindled
  • enjindled
  • enmindled
  • enlindled
  • enoindled
  • eniindled
  • enkundled
  • enkjndled
  • enkkndled
  • enkondled
  • encindled
  • inkindled
  • Unkendled
  • enkiddled

Similar spelling words for ENKINDLED

184 words made out of letters ENKINDLED

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Conjugate verb Enkindled


I would enkindle
we would enkindle
you would enkindle
he/she/it would enkindle
they would enkindle


I will enkindle
we will enkindle
you will enkindle
he/she/it will enkindle
they will enkindle


I will have enkindled
we will have enkindled
you will have enkindled
he/she/it will have enkindled
they will have enkindled


I enkindled
we enkindled
you enkindled
he/she/it enkindled
they enkindled


I had enkindled
we had enkindled
you had enkindled
he/she/it had enkindled
they had enkindled


I enkindle
we enkindle
you enkindle
he/she/it enkindles
they enkindle


I have enkindled
we have enkindled
you have enkindled
he/she/it has enkindled
they have enkindled
I am enkindling
we are enkindling
you are enkindling
he/she/it is enkindling
they are enkindling
I was enkindling
we were enkindling
you were enkindling
he/she/it was enkindling
they were enkindling
I will be enkindling
we will be enkindling
you will be enkindling
he/she/it will be enkindling
they will be enkindling
I have been enkindling
we have been enkindling
you have been enkindling
he/she/it has been enkindling
they have been enkindling
I had been enkindling
we had been enkindling
you had been enkindling
he/she/it had been enkindling
they had been enkindling
I will have been enkindling
we will have been enkindling
you will have been enkindling
he/she/it will have been enkindling
they will have been enkindling
I would have enkindled
we would have enkindled
you would have enkindled
he/she/it would have enkindled
they would have enkindled
I would be enkindling
we would be enkindling
you would be enkindling
he/she/it would be enkindling
they would be enkindling
I would have been enkindling
we would have been enkindling
you would have been enkindling
he/she/it would have been enkindling
they would have been enkindling


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