How Do You Spell ENLIVENS?

Pronunciation: [ɛnlˈa͡ɪvənz] (IPA)

The word "enlivens" is spelled with a combination of vowel and consonant sounds. The IPA phonetic transcription for "enlivens" is /ɛnˈlaɪvənz/. The first syllable has a short e sound, followed by the letter n and a long vowel i sound. The next syllable has a short a sound, followed by the letter v and a short e sound. The final syllable has a letter n, a short e sound, and a letter s. The word "enlivens" means to make something more lively or animated.

ENLIVENS Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "enlivens" is a verb that refers to the action of making something more animated, active, or lively. It is derived from the word "enliven," which means to bring vitality, energy, or excitement to an object, situation, or individual.

    When something or someone enlivens a particular setting, it means they add vigor, zest, or vitality to it, injecting a sense of life and enthusiasm. This can occur through various means, including the use of humor, engaging conversation, or the introduction of vibrant and captivating elements. For instance, a dynamic and charismatic speaker can enliven a dull meeting by delivering a captivating presentation, grabbing the audience's attention and infusing the event with a renewed liveliness.

    Enlivens may also denote the process of rejuvenating or reviving something that has become stagnant, monotonous, or dull. For instance, a fresh coat of paint, colorful decorations, or lively music can enliven a room, brightening its ambiance and making it more stimulating and inviting.

    Furthermore, enlivens can be applied to emotions, such as when someone's presence or actions uplift and invigorate others, bringing joy, excitement, or happiness into their lives.

    In summary, "enlivens" refers to the act of adding energy, excitement, and liveliness to something, be it an event, place, attitude, or emotion. It encompasses the idea of invigorating, revitalizing, or enlivening an aspect to make it more vibrant, animated, or engaging.

Common Misspellings for ENLIVENS

Etymology of ENLIVENS

The word "enlivens" is derived from the combination of two separate words: "en-" and "liven".

The word "en-" is a prefix frequently used in English, taken from the French language, which typically means "to cause to be" or "to put into".

The word "liven" is a verb that originates from the Middle English word "lyven" or "liven", which meant "to bring to life" or "to animate". This Middle English word can be traced back to the Old English word "līfian", meaning "to live".

By adding the prefix "en-" to "liven", the word "enlivens" is formed. Hence, the etymology of "enlivens" can be traced back to the Old English word "līfian", indicating "to animate" or "to cause to live".

Similar spelling words for ENLIVENS

Conjugate verb Enlivens


I would enliven
we would enliven
you would enliven
he/she/it would enliven
they would enliven


I will enliven
we will enliven
you will enliven
he/she/it will enliven
they will enliven


I will have enlivened
we will have enlivened
you will have enlivened
he/she/it will have enlivened
they will have enlivened


I enlivened
we enlivened
you enlivened
he/she/it enlivened
they enlivened


I had enlivened
we had enlivened
you had enlivened
he/she/it had enlivened
they had enlivened


I enliven
we enliven
you enliven
he/she/it enlivens
they enliven


I have enlivened
we have enlivened
you have enlivened
he/she/it has enlivened
they have enlivened
I am enlivening
we are enlivening
you are enlivening
he/she/it is enlivening
they are enlivening
I was enlivening
we were enlivening
you were enlivening
he/she/it was enlivening
they were enlivening
I will be enlivening
we will be enlivening
you will be enlivening
he/she/it will be enlivening
they will be enlivening
I have been enlivening
we have been enlivening
you have been enlivening
he/she/it has been enlivening
they have been enlivening
I had been enlivening
we had been enlivening
you had been enlivening
he/she/it had been enlivening
they had been enlivening
I will have been enlivening
we will have been enlivening
you will have been enlivening
he/she/it will have been enlivening
they will have been enlivening
I would have enlivened
we would have enlivened
you would have enlivened
he/she/it would have enlivened
they would have enlivened
I would be enlivening
we would be enlivening
you would be enlivening
he/she/it would be enlivening
they would be enlivening
I would have been enlivening
we would have been enlivening
you would have been enlivening
he/she/it would have been enlivening
they would have been enlivening


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