How Do You Spell ENSUES?

Pronunciation: [ɛnsjˈuːz] (IPA)

The word "ensues" is spelled as /ɪnˈsuːz/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The pronunciation of this word is in-SOOZ. It is a verb that means to happen or occur after something else has begun. The word "ensues" is derived from the Latin word "ensuere" which means to follow. It is important to pay attention to the spelling of "ensues" to avoid confusion with similar-sounding words such as "ensconce" or "ensnare". Correctly spelling "ensues" will ensure clear communication in both written and spoken contexts.

ENSUES Meaning and Definition

  1. The word "ensues" is a verb that describes the action or process of occurring or happening as a result of something else. It is used to indicate the natural progression or consequence that follows after a particular event, situation, or action.

    When something "ensues," it means that it follows closely or immediately after another event or action, either in a logical or chronological manner. It implies that what happens next is a direct result or outcome of the preceding event or action.

    "Ensues" often suggests that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between the initial event and the subsequent occurrences. It signifies that the following events are a direct consequence or a natural progression of what has transpired before.

    The word can be used in various contexts, such as describing a chain of events, a discussion or argument's course, or the unfolding of a story or narrative. It emphasizes the idea of a cause leading to an effect or a response leading to a consequence.

    Overall, "ensues" is a verb that highlights the organic development or outcome that arises after a specific event, action, or situation, underscoring the cause-and-effect relationship between them.

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Etymology of ENSUES

The word ensues comes from the Middle English word ensuen, which is derived from the Old French word ensuir, meaning to follow or to come after. The Old French word itself originates from the Latin word insequi, which carries the same meaning of to follow or to pursue.

Similar spelling words for ENSUES

Conjugate verb Ensues


I would ensue
we would ensue
you would ensue
he/she/it would ensue
they would ensue


I will ensue
we will ensue
you will ensue
he/she/it will ensue
they will ensue


I will have ensued
we will have ensued
you will have ensued
he/she/it will have ensued
they will have ensued


I ensued
we ensued
you ensued
he/she/it ensued
they ensued


I had ensued
we had ensued
you had ensued
he/she/it had ensued
they had ensued


I ensue
we ensue
you ensue
he/she/it ensues
they ensue


I have ensued
we have ensued
you have ensued
he/she/it has ensued
they have ensued
I am ensuing
we are ensuing
you are ensuing
he/she/it is ensuing
they are ensuing
I was ensuing
we were ensuing
you were ensuing
he/she/it was ensuing
they were ensuing
I will be ensuing
we will be ensuing
you will be ensuing
he/she/it will be ensuing
they will be ensuing
I have been ensuing
we have been ensuing
you have been ensuing
he/she/it has been ensuing
they have been ensuing
I had been ensuing
we had been ensuing
you had been ensuing
he/she/it had been ensuing
they had been ensuing
I will have been ensuing
we will have been ensuing
you will have been ensuing
he/she/it will have been ensuing
they will have been ensuing
I would have ensued
we would have ensued
you would have ensued
he/she/it would have ensued
they would have ensued
I would be ensuing
we would be ensuing
you would be ensuing
he/she/it would be ensuing
they would be ensuing
I would have been ensuing
we would have been ensuing
you would have been ensuing
he/she/it would have been ensuing
they would have been ensuing


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