How Do You Spell ERASES?

Pronunciation: [ɪɹˈe͡ɪzɪz] (IPA)

The word "erases" is spelled as /ɪˈreɪsɪz/ in IPA phonetic transcription. It begins with the short i sound, followed by the long a sound, and then the sibilant s sound. The suffix -es is added to the root word "erase" to indicate third person singular present tense. This spelling conforms to standard English pronunciation rules, where the final -s is added to a verb to indicate present tense for third person singular subjects, like "he erases." The word "erases" is commonly used to refer to the act of wiping or rubbing out something.

ERASES Meaning and Definition

  1. Erase is a transitive verb that refers to the act of eliminating or removing something, particularly marks, writings, or images, from a surface or material. When someone erases, they are effectively wiping away or obliterating information, symbols, or objects that were previously present, leaving the surface or material blank or clear.

    Often performed using an eraser or a similar tool, erasing involves rubbing or wiping away markings made with a pencil, pen, brush, or other writing or drawing instrument. Commonly observed on paper, chalkboards, whiteboards, or blackboards, erasing effectively eliminates unwanted or erroneous content, enabling a clean slate for further writing or drawing.

    Moreover, the term "erase" can also describe the action of deleting or removing something digitally or electronically, such as words, data, files, or images from a computer, phone, or other electronic device. In this context, erasing may involve selecting and deleting specific items, clearing an entire document, or formatting storage devices to remove all data.

    While erasing is often associated with correcting mistakes or removing unwanted content, it can also be used intentionally as a means of obscuring or eliminating information. Additionally, the term "erase" is occasionally utilized metaphorically to describe the act of forgetting or removing memories or traces of past events from one's mind or consciousness.

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Etymology of ERASES

The word "erases" derives from the verb "erase", which originated from the Latin word "erasus", which is the past participle of the verb "radere". "Radere" means "to scrape" or "to scratch", and this Latin word eventually evolved into "erase" in English.

Similar spelling words for ERASES

Conjugate verb Erases


I would erase
we would erase
you would erase
he/she/it would erase
they would erase


I will erase
we will erase
you will erase
he/she/it will erase
they will erase


I will have erased
we will have erased
you will have erased
he/she/it will have erased
they will have erased


I erased
we erased
you erased
he/she/it erased
they erased


I had erased
we had erased
you had erased
he/she/it had erased
they had erased


I erase
we erase
you erase
he/she/it erases
they erase


I have erased
we have erased
you have erased
he/she/it has erased
they have erased
I am erasing
we are erasing
you are erasing
he/she/it is erasing
they are erasing
I was erasing
we were erasing
you were erasing
he/she/it was erasing
they were erasing
I will be erasing
we will be erasing
you will be erasing
he/she/it will be erasing
they will be erasing
I have been erasing
we have been erasing
you have been erasing
he/she/it has been erasing
they have been erasing
I had been erasing
we had been erasing
you had been erasing
he/she/it had been erasing
they had been erasing
I will have been erasing
we will have been erasing
you will have been erasing
he/she/it will have been erasing
they will have been erasing
I would have erased
we would have erased
you would have erased
he/she/it would have erased
they would have erased
I would be erasing
we would be erasing
you would be erasing
he/she/it would be erasing
they would be erasing
I would have been erasing
we would have been erasing
you would have been erasing
he/she/it would have been erasing
they would have been erasing


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