How Do You Spell ERUPTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "erupts" is [ɪɹˈʌpts], [ɪɹˈʌpts], [ɪ_ɹ_ˈʌ_p_t_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for ERUPTS

Below is the list of 40 misspellings for the word "erupts".

Similar spelling words for ERUPTS

39 words made out of letters ERUPTS

4 letters

  • rest,
  • reps,
  • true,
  • peru,
  • suer,
  • pets,
  • suet,
  • ruse,
  • user,
  • pest,
  • puts,
  • pure,
  • spue,
  • pert,
  • utes,
  • sept,
  • tups,
  • tues,
  • step,
  • sure,
  • turp,
  • ruts,
  • spur,
  • erst,
  • rues,
  • rust,
  • rets,
  • supt.

5 letters

  • upset,
  • super,
  • trues,
  • erupt,
  • setup,
  • strep,
  • purse,
  • spurt,
  • turps,
  • sprue.

6 letters

  • purest.

Conjugate verb Erupts


I would erupt
we would erupt
you would erupt
he/she/it would erupt
they would erupt


I will erupt
we will erupt
you will erupt
he/she/it will erupt
they will erupt


I will have erupted
we will have erupted
you will have erupted
he/she/it will have erupted
they will have erupted


I erupted
we erupted
you erupted
he/she/it erupted
they erupted


I had erupted
we had erupted
you had erupted
he/she/it had erupted
they had erupted


I erupt
we erupt
you erupt
he/she/it erupts
they erupt


I have erupted
we have erupted
you have erupted
he/she/it has erupted
they have erupted
I am erupting
we are erupting
you are erupting
he/she/it is erupting
they are erupting
I was erupting
we were erupting
you were erupting
he/she/it was erupting
they were erupting
I will be erupting
we will be erupting
you will be erupting
he/she/it will be erupting
they will be erupting
I have been erupting
we have been erupting
you have been erupting
he/she/it has been erupting
they have been erupting
I had been erupting
we had been erupting
you had been erupting
he/she/it had been erupting
they had been erupting
I will have been erupting
we will have been erupting
you will have been erupting
he/she/it will have been erupting
they will have been erupting
I would have erupted
we would have erupted
you would have erupted
he/she/it would have erupted
they would have erupted
I would be erupting
we would be erupting
you would be erupting
he/she/it would be erupting
they would be erupting
I would have been erupting
we would have been erupting
you would have been erupting
he/she/it would have been erupting
they would have been erupting


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