How Do You Spell ETON COLLEGE?

The prestigious British institution Eton College is spelled /ˈiːtən ˈkɒlɪdʒ/ using the International Phonetic Alphabet. The first syllable is pronounced with a long "e" sound, rhyming with "bee". The second syllable is pronounced with a short "o" sound, similar to the word "hot". The final syllable is spelled with a soft "g" sound, but is pronounced as "j" like in "college". Eton College has educated many notable figures throughout history, including members of the British royal family, prime ministers and other politicians, and notable writers and actors.

Common Misspellings for ETON COLLEGE

  • wton college
  • ston college
  • dton college
  • rton college
  • 4ton college
  • 3ton college
  • eron college
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Similar spelling words for ETON COLLEGE

  • wheaton college,
  • aiton, cluj.

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