How Do You Spell ETONIAN?

"Etonian" is a term used to refer to a student or graduate of Eton College, a prestigious English public school. The word is spelt /ɛˈtəʊniən/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable is pronounced /ɛ/ as in "pet", while the second syllable has an unstressed, reduced vowel /ə/. The third syllable is pronounced with a long "o" sound /əʊ/ as in "go". The final syllable has an unstressed, reduced vowel /ən/. Overall, "Etonian" is a complex word that requires careful pronunciation to get it completely correct.

Common Misspellings for ETONIAN

  • wtonian
  • dtonian
  • rtonian
  • 4tonian
  • 3tonian
  • efonian
  • egonian
  • eyonian
  • e6onian
  • e5onian
  • etinian
  • etknian
  • etlnian
  • etpnian
  • et0nian
  • et9nian
  • etobian
  • etomian
  • etojian
  • etoian

Similar spelling words for ETONIAN

Plural form of ETONIAN is ETONIANS

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