How Do You Spell EVERY?

Correct spelling for the English word "every" is [ˈɛvɹɪ], [ˈɛvɹɪ], [ˈɛ_v_ɹ_ɪ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of EVERY

  1. All the parts which compose a whole collection or aggregate number, considered in their individuality, all taken separately one by one, out of an indefinite bumber.

Anagrams of EVERY

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Usage Examples for EVERY

  1. Every one who knows Mr. Cyril knows that. - "Miss Billy" by Eleanor H. Porter
  2. This is where every man ought to be. - "A Minstrel In France" by Harry Lauder
  3. They've got us all- every one of us. - "The Dark Star" by Robert W. Chambers
  4. I should like to keep him here as much as you would, but in every way it is better that he should go out and take his place in the world. - "Bonnie Prince Charlie A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden" by G. A. Henty
  5. " I want the composer of the music I heard at the little house to be very strong in every way. - "The Way of Ambition" by Robert Hichens