How Do You Spell EWENKI?

The word "ewenki" (IPA: juːˈwɛŋki) is a term used to refer to an indigenous ethnic group in China and Russia. The spelling of this word can be explained through its phonetic transcription. The "e" in "ewenki" is pronounced as "ju," while the "w" is pronounced as "w," and the "en" is pronounced as "ɛn." The "k" is pronounced as "ki." Therefore, the spelling of "ewenki" accurately represents the sounds of the word and assists with correct pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for EWENKI

  • wwenki
  • swenki
  • dwenki
  • rwenki
  • 4wenki
  • 3wenki
  • eqenki
  • eaenki
  • esenki
  • eeenki
  • e3enki
  • e2enki
  • ewwnki
  • ewsnki
  • ewdnki
  • ewrnki
  • ew4nki
  • ew3nki
  • ewebki
  • sewenki

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