How Do You Spell EX-VESSEL?

The word "ex-vessel" is spelled with a hyphen and is pronounced /ɛks ˈvɛsəl/. The first syllable, "ex", is pronounced like "eks" and represents the prefix meaning "out of" or "away from". The second syllable, "vessel", is pronounced like "ves-uhl" and refers to a container or a ship. In the fishing industry, "ex-vessel" refers to the value of fish sold by fishermen at the dock, before it is processed further. It is a term commonly used in fisheries management and economics.

Common Misspellings for EX-VESSEL

  • wx-vessel
  • sx-vessel
  • dx-vessel
  • rx-vessel
  • 4x-vessel
  • 3x-vessel
  • ez-vessel
  • ec-vessel
  • ed-vessel
  • es-vessel
  • ex0vessel
  • expvessel
  • ex-bessel
  • ex-gessel
  • ex-fessel
  • ex-vwssel
  • ex-vsssel
  • ex-vdssel
  • ex-vrssel
  • ex-v4ssel

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