How Do You Spell EX-VOTOS?

The spelling of the word "Ex-votos" may seem tricky at first glance, but breaking it down using IPA phonetic transcription can make it easier to understand. The first syllable is pronounced "eks," with the "x" representing the "ks" sound. The second syllable, "vo," is simply pronounced like "vo" in "vote." Finally, the last syllable, "tos," is pronounced like "tose" with a long "o" sound. "Ex-votos" refers to objects left at a sacred site as an offering or expression of gratitude.

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Anagrams for Ex-votos

Common Misspellings for EX-VOTOS

  • wx-votos
  • sx-votos
  • dx-votos
  • rx-votos
  • 4x-votos
  • 3x-votos
  • ez-votos
  • ec-votos
  • ed-votos
  • es-votos
  • ex0votos
  • expvotos
  • ex-cotos
  • ex-botos
  • ex-gotos
  • ex-fotos
  • ex-vitos
  • ex-vktos
  • ex-vltos

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