How Do You Spell EX-WIFE?

The word "ex-wife" is spelled with the letter "x" in order to indicate that the person referred to was a former spouse. The IPA phonetic transcription for "ex-wife" is /ɛks waɪf/, which indicates the two syllables of the word and the pronunciation of the "x" as "eks," similar to the sound of the letter "k." This spelling is commonly used in English and is understood universally as meaning a former wife.

Common Misspellings for EX-WIFE

  • wx-wife
  • sx-wife
  • dx-wife
  • rx-wife
  • 4x-wife
  • 3x-wife
  • ez-wife
  • ec-wife
  • ed-wife
  • es-wife
  • ex0wife
  • expwife
  • ex-qife
  • ex-aife
  • ex-sife
  • ex-eife
  • ex-3ife
  • ex-2ife
  • ex-wufe

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