Pronunciation: [ɛɡzˈasəbˌe͡ɪtɪŋ] (IPA)

Exacerbating is spelled with four syllables: eɡˈzæsərbeɪtɪŋ. The prefix "ex-" means "out" or "completely", while "acerbate" means to make something worse or more intense. When you put these two parts together, the word exacerbating means to make a problem or situation worse or more intense. It's important to spell the word correctly in order to communicate effectively and avoid confusion. So, brush up on your spelling skills to prevent exacerbating any issues!

EXACERBATING Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "exacerbating" is commonly used to describe a situation, condition, or action that worsens or intensifies a problem, conflict, or negative outcome. It can be used in various contexts such as personal relationships, health, politics, or the environment.

    In personal relationships, exacerbating refers to behaviors, words, or actions that heighten tensions or difficulties between individuals. This could include provoking arguments, expressing hostility, or ignoring the needs and concerns of others.

    In the field of health, exacerbating refers to factors that contribute to the deterioration or increased severity of a disease, condition, or symptoms. For instance, smoking can exacerbate respiratory problems, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), while poor diet and lack of exercise can exacerbate obesity-related conditions.

    In political contexts, exacerbating implies situations or policies that fuel conflicts, escalate tensions, or worsen societal divisions. This could involve discriminatory practices, inflammatory rhetoric, or the mishandling of social or economic issues.

    Regarding the environment, exacerbating refers to activities or practices that intensify environmental degradation, such as deforestation, pollution, or unsustainable resource use. These actions can exacerbate climate change, loss of biodiversity, and ecological imbalances.

    Overall, exacerbating signifies a negative contribution to an already problematic or deteriorating situation, making it more severe, intense, or difficult to resolve.

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The word "exacerbating" has its origins in the Latin verb "exacerbare", which means "to irritate" or "to make worse". This verb is derived from the combination of the prefix "ex-" (meaning "out" or "thoroughly") and the noun "acer" (meaning "sharp" or "severe"). Therefore, "exacerbating" refers to the act of making a situation, problem, or feeling more intense or severe.

Similar spelling words for EXACERBATING

Conjugate verb Exacerbating


I would exacerbate
we would exacerbate
you would exacerbate
he/she/it would exacerbate
they would exacerbate


I will exacerbate
we will exacerbate
you will exacerbate
he/she/it will exacerbate
they will exacerbate


I will have exacerbated
we will have exacerbated
you will have exacerbated
he/she/it will have exacerbated
they will have exacerbated


I exacerbated
we exacerbated
you exacerbated
he/she/it exacerbated
they exacerbated


I had exacerbated
we had exacerbated
you had exacerbated
he/she/it had exacerbated
they had exacerbated


I exacerbate
we exacerbate
you exacerbate
he/she/it exacerbates
they exacerbate


I have exacerbated
we have exacerbated
you have exacerbated
he/she/it has exacerbated
they have exacerbated
I am exacerbating
we are exacerbating
you are exacerbating
he/she/it is exacerbating
they are exacerbating
I was exacerbating
we were exacerbating
you were exacerbating
he/she/it was exacerbating
they were exacerbating
I will be exacerbating
we will be exacerbating
you will be exacerbating
he/she/it will be exacerbating
they will be exacerbating
I have been exacerbating
we have been exacerbating
you have been exacerbating
he/she/it has been exacerbating
they have been exacerbating
I had been exacerbating
we had been exacerbating
you had been exacerbating
he/she/it had been exacerbating
they had been exacerbating
I will have been exacerbating
we will have been exacerbating
you will have been exacerbating
he/she/it will have been exacerbating
they will have been exacerbating
I would have exacerbated
we would have exacerbated
you would have exacerbated
he/she/it would have exacerbated
they would have exacerbated
I would be exacerbating
we would be exacerbating
you would be exacerbating
he/she/it would be exacerbating
they would be exacerbating
I would have been exacerbating
we would have been exacerbating
you would have been exacerbating
he/she/it would have been exacerbating
they would have been exacerbating


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