How Do You Spell EXCESS?

Correct spelling for the English word "excess" is [ɛksˈɛs], [ɛksˈɛs], [ɛ_k_s_ˈɛ_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Plural form of EXCESS is EXCESSES

Definition of EXCESS

  1. A going beyond what is usual or proper: intemperance: that which exceeds: the degree by which one thing exceeds another.

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Usage Examples for EXCESS

  1. Suppose the oxygen to be in excess, what would be the result? - "The American Reformed Cattle Doctor" by George Dadd
  2. Any excess over a million not less than the total number of the inhabitants of the smallest State shall be reckoned as a full million. - "The New Germany" by George Young
  3. They are children of the summer; and, loving the sun, have had almost an excess of good fortune. - "A Rambler's lease" by Bradford Torrey
  4. Assured by the sight, that she had not yet observed the fugitive figure, he again directed his attention- with an excess of anxiety which he could hardly account for- in the direction where he had first beheld it, but it was no more to be seen. - "Antonina" by Wilkie Collins
  5. The anticipated expenditure, while very large, will not, it is believed, be in excess of the estimates made before the enactment of the law. - "Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present" by Various