How Do You Spell EXERTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "exerts" is [ɛ_ɡ_z_ˈɜː_t_s], [ɛɡzˈɜːts], [ɛɡzˈɜːts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for EXERTS

Below is the list of 158 misspellings for the word "exerts".

Similar spelling words for EXERTS

Anagrams of EXERTS

6 letters

  • exsert.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for EXERTS

  1. There is a department of writing, not yet dignified with the title of " Literature," which exerts an influence over popular sentiment, second only to that of the weekly and daily press. - "Sketches of Reforms and Reformers, of Great Britain and Ireland" by Henry B. Stanton
  2. Their philosophical attitude exerts a soothing effect upon me. - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist" by Alexander Berkman

Conjugate verb Exerts


I would exert
we would exert
you would exert
he/she/it would exert
they would exert


I will exert
we will exert
you will exert
he/she/it will exert
they will exert


I will have exerted
we will have exerted
you will have exerted
he/she/it will have exerted
they will have exerted


I exerted
we exerted
you exerted
he/she/it exerted
they exerted


I had exerted
we had exerted
you had exerted
he/she/it had exerted
they had exerted


I exert
we exert
you exert
he/she/it exerts
they exert


I have exerted
we have exerted
you have exerted
he/she/it has exerted
they have exerted
I am exerting
we are exerting
you are exerting
he/she/it is exerting
they are exerting
I was exerting
we were exerting
you were exerting
he/she/it was exerting
they were exerting
I will be exerting
we will be exerting
you will be exerting
he/she/it will be exerting
they will be exerting
I have been exerting
we have been exerting
you have been exerting
he/she/it has been exerting
they have been exerting
I had been exerting
we had been exerting
you had been exerting
he/she/it had been exerting
they had been exerting
I will have been exerting
we will have been exerting
you will have been exerting
he/she/it will have been exerting
they will have been exerting
I would have exerted
we would have exerted
you would have exerted
he/she/it would have exerted
they would have exerted
I would be exerting
we would be exerting
you would be exerting
he/she/it would be exerting
they would be exerting
I would have been exerting
we would have been exerting
you would have been exerting
he/she/it would have been exerting
they would have been exerting