How Do You Spell EXWIFE?

The correct spelling of the term "exwife" is actually "ex-wife" with a hyphen in between. The word is pronounced /ɛks ˈwaɪf/ according to the IPA phonetic transcription. This spelling helps to clarify that the individual was once married but is now divorced. Without the hyphen, the word may be seen as a single word rather than two separate words. It is important to use proper spelling and grammar in order to accurately convey ideas and meaning.

Common Misspellings for EXWIFE

  • wxwife
  • sxwife
  • dxwife
  • rxwife
  • 4xwife
  • 3xwife
  • ezwife
  • ecwife
  • edwife
  • eswife
  • exqife
  • exaife
  • exsife
  • exeife
  • ex3ife
  • ex2ife
  • exwufe
  • exwjfe
  • exwkfe

8 words made out of letters EXWIFE

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4 letters


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