How Do You Spell EZO?

The word "ezo" is a bit tricky to spell, as it includes a few sounds that are not commonly found in English. The first sound is a voiced alveolar fricative, which is represented by the symbol [z] in IPA phonetic transcription. This sound is followed by a close-mid back rounded vowel, represented by [o]. Together, these sounds create the unique pronunciation of "ezo," which can be spelled in a variety of ways depending on the language and context. Regardless of the spelling, however, the IPA transcription remains the same.

Common Misspellings for EZO

  • sezo
  • ezio
  • ezoi
  • ezko
  • ezok
  • ezlo
  • ezol
  • ez0o
  • ezo0
  • ez9o
  • ezo9
  • eezo
  • ezzo
  • ezoo
  • uzo
  • mzo
  • gzo
  • ejo
  • e zo
  • ez o

Similar spelling words for EZO

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