How Do You Spell FACHE?

The word "FACHE" is spelled with the IPA phonetic transcription /faʃ/. This means that it is pronounced with an "ah" sound, followed by an "sh" sound. The "F" in "FACHE" is pronounced as a "ph" which makes the "f" sound. This word is French for "angry" or "upset". It is important to correctly spell words like "FACHE" to ensure effective communication and to avoid confusion. With the correct spelling, the intended meaning is easily conveyed to the reader or listener.

Common Misspellings for FACHE

  • facue
  • fache4
  • fach3e
  • fache3
  • fcahe
  • fahce
  • faceh
  • ffache
  • faache
  • fachhe
  • fachee
  • FAkHE
  • FAgHE
  • FAaHE
  • FACHm
  • FACHg
  • f ache
  • fa che
  • fac he
  • fach e

15 words made out of letters FACHE

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