How Do You Spell FACTORS?

Pronunciation: [fˈaktəz] (IPA)

The word "factors" is spelled with two syllables - "fac" and "tors". The "fac" syllable is pronounced with the short "a" sound as in "cat" and the "k" sound. The "tors" syllable is pronounced with the "aw" sound as in "law" and the "r" sound. The word is commonly used in mathematics and refers to elements that contribute to a result or outcome. Accurate spelling of this word is crucial for clear communication in the field of math.

FACTORS Meaning and Definition

Factors (noun)

1. In mathematics, factors refer to the numbers that can be divided evenly into another number, resulting in a whole number quotient. In other words, factors are the divisors of a given number that divide it completely without any remainder. For example, the factors of 12 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12, as these numbers divide 12 without leaving any remainder. The factors of a number can be identified by performing the process of factorization.

2. In a more general sense, factors can refer to any elements or conditions that contribute to the creation or development of something, or influence its outcome or result. In this context, factors can be seen as the components or causes that have a significant effect on a particular event, situation, or phenomenon. These factors can be of various natures, like biological, social, environmental, or economic, depending on the field in which they are being analyzed. For instance, factors affecting economic growth may include factors such as government policies, technological advancement, labor force, natural resources, and consumer spending habits. In this broader sense, factors can be considered as the distinct aspects or variables that play a role in influencing or determining the outcome of a specific process or situation.

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Etymology of FACTORS

The word "factors" has its origins in the late Middle English period. It originated from the Latin word "factor", which means "doer" or "maker". This Latin root is derived from the verb "facere", meaning "to do" or "to make". Over time, "factor" evolved in the English language to refer to someone or something that acts or causes an effect. In mathematics, "factors" specifically refers to numbers that can be multiplied together to yield a given number.

Similar spelling words for FACTORS

Conjugate verb Factors


I would factor
we would factor
you would factor
he/she/it would factor
they would factor


I will factor
we will factor
you will factor
he/she/it will factor
they will factor


I will have factored
we will have factored
you will have factored
he/she/it will have factored
they will have factored


I factored
we factored
you factored
he/she/it factored
they factored


I had factored
we had factored
you had factored
he/she/it had factored
they had factored


I factor
we factor
you factor
he/she/it factors
they factor


I have factored
we have factored
you have factored
he/she/it has factored
they have factored
I am factoring
we are factoring
you are factoring
he/she/it is factoring
they are factoring
I was factoring
we were factoring
you were factoring
he/she/it was factoring
they were factoring
I will be factoring
we will be factoring
you will be factoring
he/she/it will be factoring
they will be factoring
I have been factoring
we have been factoring
you have been factoring
he/she/it has been factoring
they have been factoring
I had been factoring
we had been factoring
you had been factoring
he/she/it had been factoring
they had been factoring
I will have been factoring
we will have been factoring
you will have been factoring
he/she/it will have been factoring
they will have been factoring
I would have factored
we would have factored
you would have factored
he/she/it would have factored
they would have factored
I would be factoring
we would be factoring
you would be factoring
he/she/it would be factoring
they would be factoring
I would have been factoring
we would have been factoring
you would have been factoring
he/she/it would have been factoring
they would have been factoring


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