How Do You Spell FAKES?

Correct spelling for the English word "fakes" is [f_ˈeɪ_k_s], [fˈe͡ɪks], [fˈe‍ɪks]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for FAKES

Below is the list of 147 misspellings for the word "fakes".

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Anagrams of FAKES

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Usage Examples for FAKES

  1. Musk- ox fakes, starved dogs, fictitious astronomical or other calculations may have some effect on popular opinion; but they have none on the actual facts. - "My Attainment of the Pole" by Frederick A. Cook
  2. It's cur'ous wot a show- down the month of April makes, Between the reely livin', an' the things 'at's only fakes! - "The Poems of Henry Van Dyke" by Henry Van Dyke

Conjugate verb Fakes


I would fake
we would fake
you would fake
he/she/it would fake
they would fake


I will fake
we will fake
you will fake
he/she/it will fake
they will fake


I will have faked
we will have faked
you will have faked
he/she/it will have faked
they will have faked


I faked
we faked
you faked
he/she/it faked
they faked


I had faked
we had faked
you had faked
he/she/it had faked
they had faked


I fake
we fake
you fake
he/she/it fakes
they fake


I have faked
we have faked
you have faked
he/she/it has faked
they have faked
I am faking
we are faking
you are faking
he/she/it is faking
they are faking
I was faking
we were faking
you were faking
he/she/it was faking
they were faking
I will be faking
we will be faking
you will be faking
he/she/it will be faking
they will be faking
I have been faking
we have been faking
you have been faking
he/she/it has been faking
they have been faking
I had been faking
we had been faking
you had been faking
he/she/it had been faking
they had been faking
I will have been faking
we will have been faking
you will have been faking
he/she/it will have been faking
they will have been faking
I would have faked
we would have faked
you would have faked
he/she/it would have faked
they would have faked
I would be faking
we would be faking
you would be faking
he/she/it would be faking
they would be faking
I would have been faking
we would have been faking
you would have been faking
he/she/it would have been faking
they would have been faking