How Do You Spell FAR?

Correct spelling for the English word "far" is [f_ˈɑː], [fˈɑː], [fˈɑː]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of FAR

  1. Farness.

Common Misspellings for FAR

Below is the list of 313 misspellings for the word "far".

Usage Examples for FAR

  1. I always meant to, but that's as far as it got." - "Ship's Company, The Entire Collection" by W.W. Jacobs
  2. I have seen this place, but I have never gone in so far. - "White Otter" by Elmer Russell Gregor
  3. Everything so far had gone well. - "Ulysses S. Grant" by Walter Allen
  4. Oh, that is very far! - "Iermola" by Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi
  5. When they do, they do not go far in and they come out again at once. - "The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles" by Jean Henri Fabre

What does far stand for?

Abbreviation FAR means:

  1. Farandole Composer Module Music file
  2. Fargo, North Dakota USA