How Do You Spell FARIBA?

Pronunciation: [fɑːɹˈiːbə] (IPA)

Fariba is a Persian name that is spelled as فریبا in the Persian alphabet. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced as /færiːbɑː/. The spelling of Fariba accurately reflects the pronunciation of its individual sounds: the "f" sound at the beginning followed by the "a" sound pronounced as "æ". The "r" sound is rolled, followed by a long "ee" sound and the "b" and "a" sounds, respectively. The combination of these sounds creates the beautiful, unique name, Fariba.

FARIBA Meaning and Definition

  1. Fariba is a Persian name typically given to females. It is of Iranian origin and holds significant cultural and historical value. Fariba is composed of two separate Persian words, "far" meaning "knowledge" or "learned" and "iba" meaning "a woman". When combined, Fariba can be understood to mean "a woman of knowledge" or "a knowledgeable woman".

    In Iranian culture, the name Fariba is often associated with wisdom, intelligence, and scholarly pursuits. It symbolizes a person who possesses deep understanding and expertise in various fields of study. Fariba is believed to represent a woman with a thirst for knowledge and a strong intellectual capacity.

    Furthermore, the name Fariba may also connote beauty and charm. It is viewed as a name that embodies both inner and outer grace. Individuals named Fariba are often admired for their intelligence, elegance, and refined character.

    Fariba is a name frequently chosen by parents who wish to celebrate their daughter's potential for intellectual growth and personal development. It signifies the significance of education and the pursuit of knowledge within Iranian society.

    Overall, Fariba encompasses qualities of wisdom, intelligence, beauty, and elegance. It carries with it a sense of pride and reverence for Iranian heritage and culture.

Common Misspellings for FARIBA

Etymology of FARIBA

The name "Fariba" has Persian origins. It is derived from the Persian elements "far" meaning "splendid" or "beautiful" and "iba" meaning "creating" or "causing". Therefore, "Fariba" can be interpreted to mean "one who brings beauty" or "one who causes splendor". It is a feminine name often used in Persian-speaking countries.


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