How Do You Spell FASTED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Fasted" is [f_ˈa_s_t_ɪ_d], [fˈastɪd], [fˈastɪd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for FASTED

Below is the list of 186 misspellings for the word "fasted".

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Definition of FASTED

  1. of Fast

Anagrams of FASTED

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Usage Examples for FASTED

  1. She took with her two ladies, rarely three, scarcely a single domestic; she ate with her ladies what the convent could supply for her table; attended the services, was sometimes long in prayer, and rigidly fasted on the appointed days. - "The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete" by Duc de Saint-Simon
  2. His men, who had fasted thirty- six hours, had one good meal before they moved toward night to the extreme left, in support of the troops there engaged. - "From Fort Henry to Corinth" by Manning Ferguson Force

Conjugate verb Fasted


I would fast
we would fast
you would fast
he/she/it would fast
they would fast


I will fast
we will fast
you will fast
he/she/it will fast
they will fast


I will have fasted
we will have fasted
you will have fasted
he/she/it will have fasted
they will have fasted


I fasted
we fasted
you fasted
he/she/it fasted
they fasted


I had fasted
we had fasted
you had fasted
he/she/it had fasted
they had fasted


I fast
we fast
you fast
he/she/it fasts
they fast


I have fasted
we have fasted
you have fasted
he/she/it has fasted
they have fasted
I am fasting
we are fasting
you are fasting
he/she/it is fasting
they are fasting
I was fasting
we were fasting
you were fasting
he/she/it was fasting
they were fasting
I will be fasting
we will be fasting
you will be fasting
he/she/it will be fasting
they will be fasting
I have been fasting
we have been fasting
you have been fasting
he/she/it has been fasting
they have been fasting
I had been fasting
we had been fasting
you had been fasting
he/she/it had been fasting
they had been fasting
I will have been fasting
we will have been fasting
you will have been fasting
he/she/it will have been fasting
they will have been fasting
I would have fasted
we would have fasted
you would have fasted
he/she/it would have fasted
they would have fasted
I would be fasting
we would be fasting
you would be fasting
he/she/it would be fasting
they would be fasting
I would have been fasting
we would have been fasting
you would have been fasting
he/she/it would have been fasting
they would have been fasting