How Do You Spell FASTS?

Pronunciation: [fˈasts] (IPA)

The word "fasts" is spelled with the letter combination "as" representing the sound /æs/. The initial letter "f" represents the voiceless labiodental fricative /f/, followed by the short vowels /æ/ as in "cat". The final sound is the alveolar voiceless fricative /s/. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word "fasts" is written as /fæsts/. This word refers to the act of abstaining from food, often for religious or spiritual purposes.

FASTS Meaning and Definition

  1. Fasts, as a noun, refers to the plural form of the word "fast." It is derived from the Old English word "fæstan" which means "to abstain from food." Fasts can have various meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

    One of the common usages refers to periods of time during which people voluntarily abstain from consuming food or drinking certain beverages, often for religious, spiritual, or health reasons. Fasts can be observed by individuals or entire communities as a form of self-discipline or as a means of seeking spiritual enlightenment. These periods of fasting typically involve a predetermined duration, during which meals are skipped, and sometimes only water or limited foods are consumed.

    Another meaning of fasts relates to the act of not eating breakfast or skipping meals entirely due to a lack of appetite, time constraints, or other reasons. This usage of the term highlights the action of refraining from eating rather than the intended purpose of the fast.

    Furthermore, fasts can also denote the act of moving or traveling rapidly. When used as a verb, fasts refer to the action of moving swiftly or at great speed. It can be applied to both animate and inanimate objects.

    Overall, fasts encompass various meanings, including voluntary abstention from food, skipping meals, and rapid movements or actions. The context in which the term is employed helps determine the precise interpretation.

Common Misspellings for FASTS

Similar spelling words for FASTS

Conjugate verb Fasts


I would fast
we would fast
you would fast
he/she/it would fast
they would fast


I will fast
we will fast
you will fast
he/she/it will fast
they will fast


I will have fasted
we will have fasted
you will have fasted
he/she/it will have fasted
they will have fasted


I fasted
we fasted
you fasted
he/she/it fasted
they fasted


I had fasted
we had fasted
you had fasted
he/she/it had fasted
they had fasted


I fast
we fast
you fast
he/she/it fasts
they fast


I have fasted
we have fasted
you have fasted
he/she/it has fasted
they have fasted
I am fasting
we are fasting
you are fasting
he/she/it is fasting
they are fasting
I was fasting
we were fasting
you were fasting
he/she/it was fasting
they were fasting
I will be fasting
we will be fasting
you will be fasting
he/she/it will be fasting
they will be fasting
I have been fasting
we have been fasting
you have been fasting
he/she/it has been fasting
they have been fasting
I had been fasting
we had been fasting
you had been fasting
he/she/it had been fasting
they had been fasting
I will have been fasting
we will have been fasting
you will have been fasting
he/she/it will have been fasting
they will have been fasting
I would have fasted
we would have fasted
you would have fasted
he/she/it would have fasted
they would have fasted
I would be fasting
we would be fasting
you would be fasting
he/she/it would be fasting
they would be fasting
I would have been fasting
we would have been fasting
you would have been fasting
he/she/it would have been fasting
they would have been fasting


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