How Do You Spell FER?

Correct spelling for the English word "Fer" is [f_ˈɜː], [fˈɜː], [fˈɜː]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Below is the list of 272 misspellings for the word "fer".

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Definition of FER

  1. Ferrum-f. Acetate de, Ferri acetas-f. Bromure de, see Bromine-f. Carbonate de, Ferri protocarbonas -f. Curbure de, Graphites -f. Chaud, Pyrosis -f. Hydrate de, tritoxido de, AEtites-f. Hydriodate de, see Ferri iodidum-f. lodure de, Ferri iodidum, see Iodine -f. Lactate de, Ferri Lactas -f. Limaille de, Ferri limatur -f. Perchlorure de, Ferri chloridum-f. Peroxid de, Ferri subcarbonas -f.et de Potasse, tartrate de, Ferrum tartarizatum-f. et de Potassium, cyanure de, Potassii Ferrocyanuretum -f. et de Potassium, protocyanure de, Potassii Ferrocyannretum-f. Reduit par I'hydrogene, Ferri pulvis-f. Sulphate de, Ferri Sulphas-f. Sulphure de, Ferri Sulphuretum -f. Tannate de, Ferri tannas -f. Trichlorure de, Ferri chloridum -f. Valerianatc de, Ferri Valerianas.

Anagrams of FER

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Usage Examples for FER

  1. " Don't say nothin' as ye'll be sorry fer when ye feel better, Louisianny," he said. - "Louisiana" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  2. It air plenty good enough fer mos' folks. - "The Comings of Cousin Ann" by Emma Speed Sampson

What does Fer stand for?

Abbreviation FER means:

  1. Front End Representation
  2. Final Expenditure Report